Vera Saavalainen joins the accelerator to bring the AI Landscape on to new levels

Vera Saavalainen joins the accelerator as head analyst to bring the AI Landscape on to new levels


Finland’s AI Accelerator (FAIA)  team has recently taken undergraduate Vera Saavalainen on board as analyst  to work on the next publication of Finland’s AI landscape. 


Twice a year FAIA publishes a list of the best ai-first companies from Finland. The landscape highlights the expertise we have in Finland and aim to serve entities looking to buy specific ai related services as well as help investors both nationally and internationally to have reliable list of the most promising companies.


The last landscape had 24 companies, 8 of them being new. During the summer we will be searching for new AI-first companies that could be featured in the landscape and analyse further the somewhat over 200 companies that already are featured in the database. This analysis will be conducted by Saavalainen:


 “As AI is the hot new buzzword, it is important to distinguish between those claiming to use it and the firms that actually do. That is where I come in. I am utilizing Vainu to sniff out potential new firms and evaluating their AI capacities to see whether they fill our criteria and should be included in our next Landscape release.”, Saavalainen summarises.  


Welcome on board Vera!


PS. Do you know a company that should be included?

Let us know at www.faia/landscape and “Suggest a company to the list”.


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