Top Artificial intelligence (AI) companies in Finland were listed: the list includes 15 companies

The AI Landscape list, curated by Finland’s AI Accelerator and a distinguished advisory board, was published today. 15 Finnish companies met the criteria for companies providing AI solutions.

“Finland has lacked a reliable and up-to-date list of artificial intelligence companies, which could be used, for example, by parties looking for AI application partners or companies to invest in. Finland’s AI Accelerator wanted to maintain such a list, which had already been outlined by various parties. This is the story behind Finland’s AI Landscape”

Antti Poikola, the co-lead at Finland’s AI Accelerator.

Only top companies meeting the strict criteria were accepted to the list prepared by an advisory board. Out of 60 proposals, 15 companies were included. The companies are divided into three categories: companies developing AI-based products or services, AI consultants and providers of enabling technologies. The expert panel includes, for example, representatives of investors, the software industry, AI companies and parties utilising AI as well as people from academia.

”Software companies have a great number of data teams, but only companies who actually focus on AI and have international growth potential have been included in this list. The list will be updated regularly: proposals on companies that should be added to the list can be submitted through our website

says Poikola.

Finland’s AI Accelerator, which was established in autumn 2018 by the Technology Industries of Finland as part of AI Finland, a project by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, helps companies to deploy AI applications widely. As part of the Accelerator’s operations, companies will be sparring each other to increase their speed through groups formed based on common topics. The first group, which focuses on speech recognition in Finnish, has already started its operations.

“The recently published AI Landscape shows that there is still work to be done in order for us to fully utilise the benefits of AI. For companies and the public sector alike, the key is the ability to initiate and scale up projects and experiments that are based on the use of artificial intelligence”

Poikola concludes.

Do you feel a company should be included on the landscape? Let us know, we are constantly mapping Finland’s AI Landscape. 


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