Tomasz Mucha joins the Accelerator

AI Accelerator recently got a new team member onboard, postgraduate student Tomasz Mucha. We asked Tomasz to briefly introduce himself and say what his role is going to be.

Brief introduction

With roughly 10 years of practical experience, I represent a mix of finance and business development skills earned in technology business context. I have worked in the corporate world (Nokia and Elisa), as well as in the start-up world (early stage teams, a VC funded company and as an advisor to tech entrepreneurs).

Concerning the experience related to technology, other than ICT and software, I had an opportunity to get insights into heavy machinery and energy technologies. After being exposed to artificial intelligence technologies, I decided to focus full-time on figuring out how companies can drive business results with these solutions. Consequently, I started doctoral studies at Aalto University’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management focusing on that topic.

Role at AI Accelerator

The cooperation with the Accelerator started in autumn 2018, when I joined the team to support future development of AI Playbook. AI Playbook is one of the three core activities of the Accelerator, besides running multiple 6-month-long accelerator batches and tracking Finland’s AI landscape.

AI Playbook is a collection of practical insights on what works and what doesn’t work for companies implementing AI technologies to drive business results. We not only track the progress of companies participating in the Accelerator, but also extract lessons and ideas from businesses implementing or using AI around the world. The purpose of AI Playbook is not to give one recipe for success, but rather to show what can be done in practice, today, and how different approaches led to success or failure.

In practice, AI Playbook will be published as a sequence of easy to digest guides based on lessons learned from the different accelerator batches. Since each batch is focusing on a specific AI use case or vertical, each AI Playbook part will center around these use cases of AI technologies. In addition to that, AI Accelerator team will actively spread the lessons learned during hundreds of events, presentations and meetings that will take place during the lifetime of the project.


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