The best AI companies in Finland to be listed, deadline for applications 29th of May

Are you one of Finland’s top AI companies?

Twice a year Finland’s AI Accelerator (FAIA) publishes a curated list of the best AI companies in Finland. Should you be included?  Suggest a company to the list no later than 29th of May to have a chance to be part of the next Landscape.

What: The AI Landscape offers an overview of the top artificial intelligence companies in Finland.

Who: Companies with a clear focus on AI. Check out the criteria at

Why: The landscape offers a trusted and neutral view of the most promising AI companies in Finland for investors, corporations and government entities.

How: Anyone can apply to be on the list. Just fill the company details at by clicking on the box “Suggest a company to the landscape”.

When: Deadline for suggestions is 29th of May. The next landscape will be published jointly with “Digibarometri 2019”. Event details here .

The previous Landscape was published in November 2018 and included the following companies:


Finnish AI Accelerator Alexander Törnroth

Alexander Törnroth

- Lead -
+358 40 187 7353

Minna Mustakallio

+358 50 593 8089

SIni kaukonen

+358 50 304 1952

Vera Saavalainen

- landscape -
+358 40 417 5949

Finnish AI Accelerator Antti Poikola

Antti Poikola

- Ecosystem -
+358 44 337 5439

Tomasz Mucha

- research -
+358 50 480 1884

Mika Aho

- Data and Strategy -

+358 40 590 6949

mika Laukkanen


+358 40 845 8432

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