State of AI in Finland

This is the first take on the state of artificial intelligence (AI) in Finland, titled The State of AI in Finland. We aim to enrich conversations by offering a comprehensive outlook of the Finnish AI market, close the knowledge gap between perception and reality, and shed light on the future steps required to support Finland’s progress in the global race.

The report is published in two separate sets, the first in September 2020 and the second in November 2020. With this publication, firstly we try to encapsulate the use and adoption of AI. This is done by identifying the common trends found in a multitude of research papers, other publicly available publications, and surveys as well as expert interviews and workshops. Secondly, we want to present the state of AI by showcasing various AI solutions that have been put into production lately. Thirdly, we have worked out a joint vision for the Finnish AI ecosystem, something to serve as our north star as we go forward.

The report (and especially the vision and mission for the future) is a group effort between people from various organizations: Aalto University, AI-Hub Tampere, Business Finland, Finland’s AI Accelerator (FAIA), Finnish Center of AI (FCAI), Finnish State Development Company (VAKE), Kira-Hub, Reaktor, Silo AI, Technology Industries of Finland and VTT. These kinds of cooperative projects showcase one of the main strengths of the Finnish AI ecosystem: the ability to come together around a common goal.

Our hope is that as many people and companies as possible will use this report as inspiration and to better understand the current possibilities and uses of AI.

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