What we do

Time to accelerate your AI journey?

We facilitate 2-3 month long AI training programs where your organisation learns the basics of AI and what it takes to succeed with AI-driven products. The program can be delivered to the whole organisation or smaller teams. 

Why work with us - Outcomes of the program

  • Increase organisations’ understanding of how to better utilize data,  machine learning and AI to create business value
  • Gain a strong foundational knowledge and understanding of AI, so that one can continue personal learning and company level development
  • Identify opportunities for AI/ML solutions within your organisation.
  • Develop a roadmap for integrating AI solutions into business
  • Achieve capability to pilot AI solutions
  • Start building the first AI proof-of-concept (optional)

Training program - Basics of AI

The Program

There are two clear barriers to utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): understanding the business opportunities of AI/ML and deploying AI/ML solutions.

The Basics of AI-program is targeted to companies that are taking the first steps in identifying and adopting AI technologies.

Program outline

The Basics of AI-program consists of five interactive workshops. The workshops are held online using Zoom/Google Meets and Miro. The recommended pace for the program is one workshops (WS) per week.


WS 1: 3.5h

Foundations of AI

WS 2: 2.5h

AI Technologies

WS 3: 3.5h

Data as an asset

WS 4: 4.5h

AI Use Cases

WS 5: 2.5h

Succesful AI Projects

* Design sprint or AI-PoC

* Design Sprint and AI-PoC (proof-of-concept) are optional and are not included in the program price.


Suositeltu etenemisvauhti on 1 työpaja / viikko. Työpajat järjestetään Zoom & Miro kombinaatiolla.


TP1: 3.5h

Tekoälyn perusteet

TP2: 2.5h


TP3: 3.5h


TP4: 4.5h

AI käyttötapaukset

TP5: 2.5h

Onnistunut AI-projekti

* Design sprintin tai AI-PoC aloitus

Kerran kuukaudessa järjestetään webinaari, johon kutsutaan ulkopuolinen puhuja – aiheesta, joka on noussut esille jaksolla olevan yrityksen kautta.

Kolme kertaa vuodessa järjestetään yhteistapaaminen jaksolla olevien tai olleiden yritysten kesken, jossa he voivat esitellä omia AI-ratkaisujaan sekä jakaa oppeja ja kokemuksia.

Sparrausta on mahdollista saada 1-2 h / viikko jakson ajan.

* Design Sprint ja AI-PoC ovat optioita, jotka eivät kuulu peruspakettiin.



Basics of AI
  • What is machine learning and AI? 
  • The impact of AI in business
  • Concrete case examples and demos from relevant business areas
  • Role of data
  • Typical AI project 
  • AI as a part of business strategy
  • Teamwork and exercises


AI Technologies
  • Different types of AI technologies, software and solutions
  • Demos, videos and examples
  • Understanding the main differences between AI technologies
  • Guidelines how to choose the appropriate AI technology based on need and maturity
  • Teamwork and exercises


Data as an asset
  • Typical data challenges and the reasons behind them
  • The cost of data (problems)
  • Data-maturity assessment (framework)
  • A Data strategy-tool to improve data quality, availability and business relevance
  • Teamwork and exercises


Identifying AI use cases
  • Defining a business problem
  • Prioritizing AI ideas 
  • How to assess costs of AI project
  • AI solution canvas as a tool
  • Creating an initial AI roadmap 
  • Teamwork and exercises


Successful AI projects
  • Recap on previous workshops
  •  Historical success rate of AI projects
  • Typical risks and pitfalls
  • Recipe for successful AI projects
  • Why culture, people and processes are more important than technology.
  • Teamwork and exercises


TP 1

Tekoälyn perusteet

  • Mitä on koneoppiminen ja tekoäly?
  • Konkreettisia case-esimerkkejä ja demoja toteutetuista ratkaisuista
  • Datan rooli ja merkitys
  • Tekoälyn nykytila
  • Tekoäly liiketoiminnassa
  • AI-projektin vaiheet ja roolit
Ryhmätöitä ja harjoituksia
TP 2

Tekoäly- ohjelmistot

  • Erityyppiset ohjelmistot ja -ratkaisut tekoäly genressä, mm. ohjelmointikielet, low-code ohjelmistot, pilviratkaisut, API:t…
  • Demoja, videoita ja esimerkkejä
  • Millä perusteilla valita sopivat ohjelmistot ja ratkaisut yrityksen käyttöön?

Ryhmätöitä ja harjoituksia


Yrityksen datavarannot

  • Tyypilliset data-haasteet, niiden syntymekanismi ja seuraukset
  • Datan laadun ja saatavuuden parantaminen suunnitelmallisesti
  • Case-esimerkkejä
  • Data-maturiteetin arviointi
  • Datastrategia-viitekehys
  • Ryhmätöitä ja harjoituksia

Huom! Tämä työpaja käsittelee yrityksen data-asioita laajemmassa scopessa kuin vain tekoäly.

Services included in the program

  • All workshops are conducted by seasoned experts with over 10-20 years of experience with AI.
  • Between the workshops the organisation can book individual sparrings sessions with different experts. (1-2h/w).
  • Possibility to arranged monthly webinars with external speakers on any subject that have come up during the workshops.

For whom

The accelerator is open for anyone interested in AI. Size or industry does not matter, your organisation must just be serious about getting results with AI.

The use cases can vary in content but the end goal is always clear:

Taking the first steps with AI-driven-solutions that have real life business impact.

We are proud to be working with the following organisations

Previous AI programs


WordDive is an artificial intelligence-based mobile app for learning to speak a foreign language.

Visit Intelligence

The supplier of total solutions for visitor analytics.

Spectral Engines

Spectral Engines develops and provides unique, hand-held material sensing solutions for industry, professionals and consumers, based on novel sensor hardware and cloud-based AI analysis platform. Our global, secure solutions can be used for textile and plastics sorting, quality assurance of raw materials as well as detecting fake medicine, to name a few.


SomeBuddy is an AI assisted digital legal service. With SomeBuddy anyone who has encountered bullying, abuse or threats in social media can report it easily and get SomeBuddy survival kit with legal advice and psychological first-aid customized to their specific needs. Our product is unique solution to the most topical problem of our era aiming to provide access to justice to all social media users globally.


Snowfox provides invoice handling automation as a service.


Quva is an AI software company focusing on the manufacturing excellence of process industries with its data-driven SaaS product Quva® Flow.


Klevu provides an intelligent search solution to web shops to help them increase their sales. Klevu is growing at the rate of 200% a year, is used in thousands of web shops, and is preparing an A round.


Kodit.io is an AI-powered residential real estate data platform.


Cerenion is a medical company working on a technology that monitors the brain function of intensive care patients.


Zefort is a zero-effort contract archiving solution with bank level security. AI does all the pouring tasks and makes post-sign contract management fun and easy. The UX is exceptionally good – try it out yourself with a free trial.

720 Degrees

720° is a SaaS solution for indoor environmental quality monitoring utilizing AI in order to create better indoor environments. Our passion is to improve people’s lives and allow organisations to offer the best working environments achievable.


The biggest digital real estate agency in the Nordics. Blok is automating the process of selling an apartment through technology. At 3 years old, the company has already achieved over half a billion euros in turnover with over 2000 sold apartments.




AI-Boosted software for higher operating efficiency in process industry.




Leiki has developed Semantic AI and natural language processing technology since year 2000. Leiki´s technology currently supports 23 languages and can be easily integrated with digital services to power for example Search, Indexing or Content profiling and recommendation solutions.



End-to-end machine learning platform that helps data scientists focus on real problems and work with existing tools like Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch and Caffe.


Selko Technologies


Selko Analytics is the most effortless machine learning solution for complex systems engineering text data analysis. Selko focuses on aiding the processing of technical text in engineering using NLP technologies. Selko’s MVP, Selko Analytics, is a SaaS tool that allows you to quickly identify self-defined sections in technical specifications using intelligent classification. Reading through hundreds of pages of technical text to find the important parts takes too long. Selko Analytics SaaS tool allows you to quickly identify self-defined sections in technical specifications using intelligent automatized classification. Engineering departments can effortlessly train their own machine learning model and process technical text in product development and procurement activities.




Building voice user interfaces for professional tools and services. Speechgrinder’s voice technology translates spoken words into actionable tasks in fractions of a second.


Aito Intelligence


Aito makes Machine Learning as easy as SQL. Aito’s predictive database uses existing relational datasets for predictions and recommendations. It allows you to validate ideas, build prototypes and use in production before having to invest heavily in AI projects first.

GIM Robotics

GIM Robotics

GIM is the leading mobile robotics company in Finland. We deliver hardware platforms, software and complete systems.

Curious AI

Curious AI Company


Curious AI builds easy to use tools for intelligent automation. Our AI solutions offer immediate savings over existing IT systems and processes. And the new intelligence unlocks completely new business opportunities for your organisation.


Headai develops General Semantic AI for transparent decision-making in labour markets, investment markets, education and training. Our technology, 100% own IP, combines the strengths of Natural Language Processing, self-organized learning, reinforcement learning and 20+ years experience on cognitive sciences.

Top data science

Top Data Science


Top Data Science is a data science and software engineering company focusing on advanced data analytics, AI and machine learning solutions. The team includes experienced data scientists, software engineers and business development professionals.



Helsinki / Amsterdam / Shanghai

We amplify current businesses with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and platform economy consulting. We help decision-makers build organizations, processes and revenue around things we do best: data, machine learning, and new business concepts.


Helsinki / Turku / London

Silo.AI is the largest AI solution and service provider in the Nordics that offers scalable expertise in machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing. Silo.AI strongly believes in the future of human-centered AI solutions to provide strategic assets to the core business of its customers in a measurable, safe and explainable way. The company serves clients across several industries on four continents. Some Silo.AI solutions include a tool for the Finnish airline Finnair to improve situational awareness and a tool to improve water quality at water treatment facilities for the global leading engineering company Ramboll.

Houston Analytics

Houston Analytics


Houston Analytics is a provider of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics. A key area of expertise is IoT, enabling organisations who manufacture, use or maintain critical equipment to minimise downtime, maximise asset efficiency and optimise supply chain. Houston Analytics delivers predictions and supports clients’ critical business decisions with advanced analytics and AI. Our customers are most often working with retail, marketing, HR and IoT.

Dain Studios

DAIN Studios

Helsinki / Berlin / Münich

DAIN Studios is a digital and analytics consultancy based in Helsinki, Berlin and Munich. We specialize in big data, analytics and AI, and have a full portfolio of data and analytics offerings – from business strategy to data science and analytics implementation.


Sensible 4


Self-driving technology company with unique full-stack LiDAR-based software solution (SAE L4) for automotive companies. Our software makes self-driving vehicles of all types operate smoothly and safely in changing conditions. The software is modular by nature and can be integrated into all existing autonomous driving systems. Awarded Best Startup in Dubai Word Challenge for Self-Driving Transport (prize 1M USD). Created the Worlds first winter capable autonomous shuttle bus GACHA in cooperation with MUJI.


Claned group


Claned is a cloud-based learning platform allowing educational institutions, companies and individuals to elevate their learning results to new levels. Claned uses artificial intelligence and real-time learning analytics to provide the educator and the learner with insights to study performance, orientation and motivation. It works closely with leading educational academic experts in Finland as well as with international education research ecosystem.


Zen Robotics


ZenRobotics Ltd., founded in 2007, is a global leader in smart robotic waste recycling and the first company to apply AI-based sorting robots to a complex waste-sorting environment. Our robots, powered by our very own AI software, make recycling more efficient, accurate and profitable.


Utopia Analytics


Utopia is a forerunner of analytics: we excel at solving the hardest cases of text analytics, machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence.

Disior analytics



Disior creates image analysis software for diagnostics, pre-operative planning and treatment optimization. The innovative, proprietary algorithms and automated mathematical modelling improve the quality of care in an unseen way.


Ultimate AI


Ultimate.ai is a platform that gives customer service agents the AI tools they need to provide faster, smarter responses.



Turku / Helsinki

We enable autonomous ships to call at ports. This requires creating all the needed digital handshakes between smart ships and smart ports. We develop data standards, APIs, datasets and cloud services towards this future.




Lumoa makes customer feedback actionable. Our online service analyses customer feedback utilizing AI.


Get Jenny


The Open Source Conversational Engine Behind Jenny. At GetJenny, we are committed not only to our customers, but to the future. We know that beyond the hype of chatbots, there’s a real need for machines that are capable of understanding human language inputs.


MVision AI


MVision’s automatic segmentation and contouring software use breakthrough deep learning technology to power its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.




Productized ML/AI-based speech recognition solutions for healthcare and enterprise use. All languages supported.

Collective crunch

Collective Crunch

CollectiveCrunch ‘collects’ technical, climate and geo data to ‘crunch’ this information for deeper insights and prediction. Fields of activity include Smart Forestry and Logistics.


Valossa Labs

Valossa AI™ understands what’s inside your video content. It gives you metadata that enables more intelligent analytics, content management tools and methods of monetizing video.




We deliver logistics solutions to authorities, ports and industry. Our systems are based on recognition of, e.g., license plates, container codes, wagon numbers etc. Deep learning (since 2014) and large data are the foundations of our strategy.


Neuro Event Labs


Our company develops machine learning/deep learning based product to annotate epileptic seizures in home environment with camera to help the doctors with useful statistics in defining the treatment.




Aiforia is a versatile cloud-based platform that increases the speed and accuracy of analyzing medical images across a variety of fields by providing healthcare professionals direct access to deep learning AI. Aiforia assists with the increased demand for image-based diagnostics by providing efficient and scalable solutions – enabling new discoveries, clinical support and highly accurate and consistent data.