Privacy Policy

Processing of personal data by the Technology Industries of Finland

Data Controller:

Silo AI

Fredrikinkatu 57 C

00100 Helsinki, Finland

+358 40 359 1299

What information do we process?

The Technology Industries of Finland acts as a joint data controller with its industry associations and processes personal data relating to:

  • the provision of member services and to facilitate the rights and obligations of membership,
  • Co-operation with stakeholders
  • website operation,
  • monitoring of wage developments.

Following stakeholders are essential to the Technology Industries of Finland:

  • persons employed by member companies,
  • decision makers and authorities, and
  • the liaison officers of partner associations

The information processed concerning stakeholders are the contact details of individuals and their position within the organisation, as well as information on dietary restrictions at events. We collect information from registered individuals or from public sources, such as organisations’ websites and professional publications. We receive information on wage develop member company representatives also from the Federation of Finnish Industries Membership and Stakeholder Register.

Concerning our websites, we process information about the IP address used, the browser used to visit, and the type of device used (mobile / PC). We use cookies on our sites and the following means to monitor usage:


The Facebook Pixel is a Facebook advertising tracking tool that tells you how many of your Facebook visitors are reaching your destination site through an ad. The Facebook pixel collects information about users who have a Facebook username and who have given Facebook permission to use cookies. A Facebook user can choose to edit their own ad settings with their Facebook account.


For more information:

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a Google tracking tool that tells us, among other things, how many visitors our site receives at certain times and how visitors come to our site.

For more information:

Concerning wage statistics, we process company information and additional person classification information, such as gender or professional status, on a pseudonymised form, i.e. on a manner where information cannot be associated with an individual person.

Why is the data processed?

We use personal data in order:

  • To manage memberships and provide member services for the members of Technology Industries of Finland and its industry associations and groups
  • distribute newsletters
  • to liaise with relevant stakeholders
  • organise events and conduct surveys
  • monitor and develop the use of our websites; and
  • in the form of wage statistics to facilitate labour market negotiations and for monitoring wage developments in the sector.

Processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest. The Technology Industries of Finland is a trade and labour market policy organisation, whose purpose is to promote the competitiveness and operating conditions of its member companies and the industry. For this purpose, the Technology Industries of Finland has a reason to process the information of its stakeholders and to operate its websites. The technology industry has a legitimate interest in processing personal data in the form of wage statistics for the purpose of cost impact assessments of labour market negotiations and for monitoring wage developments.

To whom is the personal data disclosed?

We may disclose information to our partners for the purpose of organising events and their marketing, and to provide our members with important information when used in a manner that is consistent with our own processing principles. In addition, we will provide member companies with information about their registered representatives.

Who processes the data?

The personal data is processed by persons specifically designated by the Technology Industries of Finland. We may transfer information to partners of our choice for processing, for example in the following cases:

  • provision of information systems,
  • delivery of newsletters,
  • marketing and organisation of events,
  • billing,
  • statistically tracking website usage and improving user experience, and
  • recruitment

The Technology Industries of Finland ensures that data processors are committed to complying with data protection regulations and ensuring the security of their systems. Data processors shall only receive the information necessary for the operations they carry out.

The data is processed as a rule within the EU. If the data is transferred to be processed outside EU, we require that the provisions of the GDPR are adhered to. The data is not used for automatic decision making, such as profiling.

How long will the data be processed?

We process the data as long as the data subject is in charge of tasks that are related to the functions of the Technology Industries of Finland. For the purpose of developing our events, we retain the data for up to five years, after which the data is deleted. We process wage statistics on an ongoing basis for statistical purposes.

We strive to keep the information up to date and erase the incorrect information.

Your rights

You have the right to influence the processing of your data:

  • You can review, correct or delete your information. You will know whether, what information is being processed, and on what basis. You may also correct your information or request the deletion of your information if the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected.
  • You may object to the processing of your data for marketing purposes, for example, when justified by a legitimate interest,
  • You can restrict the processing of data,
  • You can transfer data to another system,
  • You can complain to the Data Protection Ombudsman, and
  • You may prohibit marketing or newsletter submissions. All marketing messages and newsletters offer the opportunity to unsubscribe. You can also remove yourself from the distribution by notifying the Technology Industries of Finland.

Updated 31.3.2020


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The biggest digital real estate agency in the Nordics. Blok is automating the process of selling an apartment through technology. At 3 years old, the company has already achieved over half a billion euros in turnover with over 2000 sold apartments.




AI-Boosted software for higher operating efficiency in process industry.




Leiki has developed Semantic AI and natural language processing technology since year 2000. Leiki´s technology currently supports 23 languages and can be easily integrated with digital services to power for example Search, Indexing or Content profiling and recommendation solutions.



End-to-end machine learning platform that helps data scientists focus on real problems and work with existing tools like Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch and Caffe.


Selko Technologies


Selko Analytics is the most effortless machine learning solution for complex systems engineering text data analysis. Selko focuses on aiding the processing of technical text in engineering using NLP technologies. Selko’s MVP, Selko Analytics, is a SaaS tool that allows you to quickly identify self-defined sections in technical specifications using intelligent classification. Reading through hundreds of pages of technical text to find the important parts takes too long. Selko Analytics SaaS tool allows you to quickly identify self-defined sections in technical specifications using intelligent automatized classification. Engineering departments can effortlessly train their own machine learning model and process technical text in product development and procurement activities.




Building voice user interfaces for professional tools and services. Speechgrinder’s voice technology translates spoken words into actionable tasks in fractions of a second.


Aito Intelligence


Aito makes Machine Learning as easy as SQL. Aito’s predictive database uses existing relational datasets for predictions and recommendations. It allows you to validate ideas, build prototypes and use in production before having to invest heavily in AI projects first.

GIM Robotics

GIM Robotics

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Helsinki / Amsterdam / Shanghai

We amplify current businesses with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and platform economy consulting. We help decision-makers build organizations, processes and revenue around things we do best: data, machine learning, and new business concepts.


Helsinki / Turku / London

Silo.AI is the largest AI solution and service provider in the Nordics that offers scalable expertise in machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing. Silo.AI strongly believes in the future of human-centered AI solutions to provide strategic assets to the core business of its customers in a measurable, safe and explainable way. The company serves clients across several industries on four continents. Some Silo.AI solutions include a tool for the Finnish airline Finnair to improve situational awareness and a tool to improve water quality at water treatment facilities for the global leading engineering company Ramboll.

Houston Analytics

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Houston Analytics is a provider of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics. A key area of expertise is IoT, enabling organisations who manufacture, use or maintain critical equipment to minimise downtime, maximise asset efficiency and optimise supply chain. Houston Analytics delivers predictions and supports clients’ critical business decisions with advanced analytics and AI. Our customers are most often working with retail, marketing, HR and IoT.

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Helsinki / Berlin / Münich

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Sensible 4


Self-driving technology company with unique full-stack LiDAR-based software solution (SAE L4) for automotive companies. Our software makes self-driving vehicles of all types operate smoothly and safely in changing conditions. The software is modular by nature and can be integrated into all existing autonomous driving systems. Awarded Best Startup in Dubai Word Challenge for Self-Driving Transport (prize 1M USD). Created the Worlds first winter capable autonomous shuttle bus GACHA in cooperation with MUJI.


Claned group


Claned is a cloud-based learning platform allowing educational institutions, companies and individuals to elevate their learning results to new levels. Claned uses artificial intelligence and real-time learning analytics to provide the educator and the learner with insights to study performance, orientation and motivation. It works closely with leading educational academic experts in Finland as well as with international education research ecosystem.


Zen Robotics


ZenRobotics Ltd., founded in 2007, is a global leader in smart robotic waste recycling and the first company to apply AI-based sorting robots to a complex waste-sorting environment. Our robots, powered by our very own AI software, make recycling more efficient, accurate and profitable.


Utopia Analytics


Utopia is a forerunner of analytics: we excel at solving the hardest cases of text analytics, machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence.

Disior analytics



Disior creates image analysis software for diagnostics, pre-operative planning and treatment optimization. The innovative, proprietary algorithms and automated mathematical modelling improve the quality of care in an unseen way.

Ultimate AI

Helsinki is a platform that gives customer service agents the AI tools they need to provide faster, smarter responses.

Turku / Helsinki

We enable autonomous ships to call at ports. This requires creating all the needed digital handshakes between smart ships and smart ports. We develop data standards, APIs, datasets and cloud services towards this future.




Lumoa makes customer feedback actionable. Our online service analyses customer feedback utilizing AI.


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Productized ML/AI-based speech recognition solutions for healthcare and enterprise use. All languages supported.

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Valossa Labs

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We deliver logistics solutions to authorities, ports and industry. Our systems are based on recognition of, e.g., license plates, container codes, wagon numbers etc. Deep learning (since 2014) and large data are the foundations of our strategy.


Neuro Event Labs


Our company develops machine learning/deep learning based product to annotate epileptic seizures in home environment with camera to help the doctors with useful statistics in defining the treatment.




Aiforia is a versatile cloud-based platform that increases the speed and accuracy of analyzing medical images across a variety of fields by providing healthcare professionals direct access to deep learning AI. Aiforia assists with the increased demand for image-based diagnostics by providing efficient and scalable solutions – enabling new discoveries, clinical support and highly accurate and consistent data.