We accelerate

YOUR​ AI journey.

We facilitate a 6 month long accelerator batch where each organisation aims for operational deployment of AI solutions. We work in groups and rely on trust, sharing, peer support and peer pressure.

We are not here to sell anything, write any code or develop fancy new algorithms. We only work with the best and always handpick the most suitable service providers for each accelerator batch.

Our Accelerator batches

Interested to work with us? Service providers, academia as well as organisations deploying AI are welcome. Let us know.

Who is this for?

The accelerator is open for anyone interested deploying AI. Size or industry does not matter. Each accelerator batch pools together entities with the same AI readiness level to ensure the best possible outcome. Other criteria are

You already have developed AI pilots prior to joining the accelerator.

You have formed an  AI strategy.

The ones representing your organisation must be strategically accountable.

A budget outline is set before joining.

the process in brief


A potential AI use case is identified within your business operations.


Organisations identifying the similar use case are pooled together.

Finnish AI Accelerator


Relevant cooperation entities are identified, including startups, service providers and academia.


An accelerator batch is formed. The end goal of the batch is determined by each organisation individually.

Finnish AI Accelerator


The companies start to systematically work together in short sprints, relying heavily on peer support, sharing and peer pressure.


Joint learnings, knowledge and pitfalls are shared with the public.

Finnish AI Accelerator

The use cases can vary in content but the end goal is always clear:

solutions that have real life business impact.

We are proud to be working with the following organisations

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Finnish AI Accelerator Alexander Törnroth

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Finnish AI Accelerator Antti Poikola

Antti Poikola

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Finnish AI Accelerator

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